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What are billers?#

For purposes of our API a biller is a company your enduser pays "pre-committed" expenses to like utility, rent, and insurance bills (plus many more). We manage and maintain information about these billers that helps you display relevant bill pay information to your endusers. We can add billers at any time. Just reach out to your account manager to request a biller be added.

What is Bill Pay Lite?#

Bill Pay Lite includes a Blip managed and maintained database of ~26,000 US-based billers. This configuration is meant to be used to offer a lightweight version of bill payment. API responses include information about the biller that you can present to your endusers to help them manage and pay their bills. For example, many billers in the default configuration include a login url for the biller. You can use this login url to provide an option within your applications to direct your endusers to the biller's website so they can login and pay their bill.

Next steps#

Now that your biller configuration is complete, you're able to add transactions and get resulting biller suggestions.